Thursday, April 28


First and foremost, I am so thankful for everyone that kept us in their prayers last night. We were in a wave of destruction here in Alabama. Tornadoes and high winds left everyone on alert till late in the evening hours. Thankfully, by the grace of the Lord, we were spared. God surely took care of us. So many people here this morning are without anything. We have friends that have lost their homes today. This am the death toll was 128, the numbers are still rising. I am reminded that there are many trials here on this earth, yet through it all we still push forward. This video was recently posted on another blog I began to follow today. It is so inspiring and everyone should be reminded of their blessings, no matter how big or small. 

Please continue to pray for those families in need of help and hope. So many have been affected by these storms. 

Wednesday, April 27

Leeland's Room Redecoration

Leeland's room is on our list for a redo.  As many of you may or may not know, months ago our basement wall began to fall due to water seeping through our block. A total shocker for the both of us. Especially, after just having our house remodeled.  Luckily, we have had a basement overhaul. With that being said, our house is now under construction for some more repairs. It's like Extreme Makeover- Thomas Edition (Take 2). Leeland's crib was moved to our room till all the repairs to the basement could be done. That included raising the home and pouring in new concrete. See, the basement is actually under the newest addition of our home. We were not going to take any risk with little man's room above the basement. Now we are working to get the repairs done since the basement is finished. Thankfully, only minor repairs throughout the house. Leeland's room unfortunately sustained the most damage. A crack down one corner of the drywall and another under a window. With all the craziness of fixing everything and Leeland growing into a big boy, we decided to change the nursery into a big boy room. Cause boy it is currently a mess. 
I thought “He's not a bitty baby anymore, let's lose the baby look and make it more big boy."  His room is currently farm themed but babyish. So we are ready to go crazy and start tackling little man's room. 
Since were on a farm, love country flare, and little man's Daddy is a cowboy through and through, we both agreed to stick with a cowboy theme. We're going to start with new paint and board and batten on the walls.  
 Here is a mood board I created with some ideas for the room.  Let me know what you think?

1.The colors of the wall (blue); trim and board batten (cream) 2.Large frames (dark) 3.Dark mahogany blinds 4.Cowboy elements 5.Red tall dresser 6.Mahogany dresser with baskets 7.Mahogany crib 8.Baskets for toy storage

Saturday, April 23

Mmmm. Mmmm. Good!

Strawberry pickin!

After little man got his much needed nap after the train ride, we decided to end the day with strawberry pickin. We paid $8 a gallon at a local farm. We ended up with a little taste of heaven. A sweet, succulent goodness created by God to make us a little happy on this earth :o) Leeland and Mommies favorite fruit! A boy from my own heart.

On our way...

Helping Daddy pick strawberries

Good Stuff!

See Ma! I like it :o)

These two pictures are literally not even a minute apart. Needless to say, he was not a happy camper when we took his strawberries away to make the ride home a little less sticky in his Paw Paw's truck. Poor Lee Lee.

Pulling up at home...we'll clap for that :o)

Time to wash off in the pool! 

What a way to end an awesome day. Thank you Lord for our blessings today.

Chugga Chugga


The Thomas clan decided to take a trip on the Heart of Dixie Train Ride this morning. First we filled our tummies up with good ole Cracker Barrel, then it was off to Calera to ride the "choo-choo," as Leeland would say. 

This trip was going to be special, because little man can hunt easter eggs this year. I don't know who was more excited me, or Leeland!  I had never experienced living near tracks till I married my cowboy and settled in the South. So for Leeland being close to the tracks and seeing a train pass by the house everyday is awesome! Little man gets so ecstatic when the train comes close to our house. The sound of the whistle sends him running to the front door or climbing as fast as he can onto the couch to peep out the windows to catch a glimpse of the big hunk of metal barreling down the tracks. So for him, today was a big adventure. 

As we pulled up, he was already about to bust his buttons to jump out and run and climb on the grand box cars. 

I actually got him to pose for a few pictures ;o)

Picking up rocks is the best!

Nana and Paw Paw joined our outing. Thank goodness, because little man is all over the place. He was so full of energy. I wish I could bottle some of it up. Sure save a cup of coffee.

"All aboard the Cottontail Express" we could hear the Conductor making his call. We climbed aboard the "Cottontail Express," and headed down the tracks to an Easter egg hunt and fun...

moving along...

As the train can to a stop we were greeted by the Easter Bunny. We made our way down the trail to the egg hunt. 

Little man took off running. Of course he hadn't quite got the hang of picking up eggs and putting them in his little basket...but he still knew what to do. Out of all the children here this day, my child was the one that ran for the largest...yes rather entertaining to watch. The large eggs you see were placed as decorations along the sides of the contained hunt to keep wondering children from scampering off out of sight. Well, Lee Lee was of for the prize egg!

We had a blast...Leeland enjoyed every minute. Especially, the sandbox!

Before it was time to go, we visited the Easter Bunny for a quick hello!

Leeland had a little mixed emotions at first.

By the end of the trip little man was tuckered out! Passed out on our ride home. The sound and bump of the box car is rather soothing. This adventure has come to an end today for one sleepy little boy, check back for more adventures to come.