Wednesday, July 27

Watermelon Art

In the midst of our HOT summer, we've been gobbling up quite a bit of watermelon. Yum! I decided to let the kids make a little watermelon art. Here's the simple steps.


1. Cut your green paper into a half circle.

2. Do the same with the red paper, but make it smaller and have kiddos glue to the green paper.

3. Give them some black paint and let them use there cute little fingers to make prints that look like seeds.

4.  Now you have a cute little watermelon to hang up. So easy, an infant can do it :o)

Tuesday, July 26

Creative Food : A Smiley Face

I am determined to create fun healthy foods for my little boy. Here's what I made for lunch today. This is so simple.

Here's how I made it:

Smiley Face Sandwich - take 2 pieces of bread and using clean knife, cut into a circle shape. Create a face with raisins. There are so many possibilities! Place some cheese, mayo, and ham (or anything else you want) between the pieces of bread.

I added a cup of strawberries and grapes. My little guy loves crackers so I added 3 of them to his plate. Yum!!

Monday, July 25

Ice cream and Puddles

We took a ride to the 219 Farmer's Market in Jemison to eat some yummy diner food and ice cream. Little man had been feeling cruddy all day so what better way to cheer him up.

This post is entirely about ice cream and puddles...

and Leeland of course.

Little man had to have his milk

A cute quick photo with Dad. 

Still looking a little frumpy with the cold he's coming down with.

We ordered little man a grilled chesse. Notice all the ketchup? Let me tell you, he loves to dip food into anything. Literally, ketchup, gravy, ranch, ect.. I think I have a true southern boy on my hands. 


Oh nothing better than having it drip down the sides of your mouth and savor it. I feared this was gonna get messy...

Then we moved onto dessert. And of course, little man had to have strawberry flavored ice cream. I am convinced he'll start turning into a stawberry before too long. 

So at this point, were getting it everywhere...literally. I heard this cute little voice reply "ugh oh, uggggh oooh." 

Nothing like a shirt full of food to leave with, not to mention those ice cream smothered lips. 

It was a rainy time to head home for a nap and some puddle play.

Puddle Play!


Aren't these Sesame Street rain boots just the cutest!!

Took a stroll to our back pasture to visit our horses

and chase the cat...

and ended his play in more water.

Here's to playing in more puddles and eating ice cream, thats another two checks off our list of things to do this summer. 

Friday, July 22

We got a little Fishy

For a little summer craft the kids decided they wanted to make some "Fish Prints," here's how it all went down....

I love the expression here – my little Picasso focusing intently on his masterpiece.  

Here's Leeland's two sisters partners in crime, painting their water for their fish bowls. 

Leeland's handprints for the fish

Here's two of the masterpieces...they call them "Fishy Bowl"

Just another idea for the kiddos. Happy Summer!

Monday, July 18


Fabulous creative Blogger Jen, at Tatertots & Jello is presenting an awesome giveaway! Just click the link to her blog and scroll through her post to see how to enter. Here's to happing winnings...

Check it out so you don't miss out on this awesome jewelry form Amy Cornwell Designs.

Thursday, July 7

Organizing The Frig

Lets take a look inside of the fridge today.  Organizing and labeling are good places to start to maximize your space in your refrigerator. By doing this it can actually save you money by creating less waste and maintain some from of order. Maintaining good order can still take a bit of your time periodically, but following basic routines can help. Join me and lets get organized.

Let's Take a look at some before pictures...

 Sorry didn't have a before of freezer

Let's begin with the organization:

  • Remove all the items from the fridge and wipe down shelves. I LOVE Seventh Generation's Multipurpose Cleaner. 
  • Remove and wash any trays drawers or bins.  
  • Throw away all expired food or items that will not be consumed before they are expired.  
  • Group and sort items such as breads, fruits/veggies, yogurts, meats, condiments, etc. Using Bins, glass containers, or baskets are great ways to organize similar food items together and make it much easier to find what you are looking for.  I picked up a few bins at our local Walmart and Dollar General. Our awesome glass storage (by Frigoverre) we scored from Home Goods for just a few bucks. These little containers keep all our leftovers and goods fresh, not to mention glass is so easy to clean.
  •  While putting groceries away in the fridge, bring items already in the fridge to the front and put the new items in the back. 
  • Remember to keep your milk on a low shelf, not in the door. This will help it to last longer. 
  • Group similar items together. Keep drinks together. Keep vegetables in the crisper. Keep cheeses and lunch meat together - a drawer is ideal or use bins. 
  • Put smaller containers in the front - such as cream cheese, yogurt, margarine, etc. Condiment bottles work great in the door shelves - such as salad dressing, ketchup, mustard, etc. 
  • Store items as much as possible in see through containers to make things easier to find.  
  • I chose bins to organize in my freezer. Notice all the yummy veggies from our home grown garden?

Nice and Clean

There you have it friends. Hope your enjoying your day and motivated to organize! :o)

Tuesday, July 5


As a full time mom and nanny I am constantly on the go. I have a bit of an obsession with finding all the new must-have products and things to keep the me and the kiddos happy. I am so thankful to the people who designed those great gadgets out there... So, I've decided to share my ultimate guide to new baby-momma and kiddo "must-haves". Do a lot of searching the web. e-Bay is my favorite! I score great deals. All of my titles you can click to get to link. 


Baby Bjorn Active

This little carrier has been a life saver for us. First off, our little guy was snuggled up to mama while we did the shopping and outings. This was great for winter time too. The best part is it holds a lot of weight and there are many size adjustments. The back support came in handy, because I never had the back aches later. Yes, I toted our little dude all over the place. Holds up to 26lbs! 

JJ Cole Urban Bundle Me Infant or Toddler

Sorry I do not have a link for this one. We scored ours off e-Bay. This was a great item we used for our little guy. Like I said before, he was a winter baby, so this came in handy right out of the hospital. They also make one in a toddler size for a stroller were hoping to score one for this winter. No blankets needed and is considered one of the safest for car seats with the 4-point harness systems. 

This swing was given to us as a gift at one of our baby showers. I can not tell you how much our little guy loved this. Soothing music and ultra plush seat is oh so comfy for baby. A great soother. 

We actually purchased this from a local Target, but I posted a separate link above to click to. This is one of my ultimate life savers. No joke. Especially if you have more than one child. This large clip is great for bags, groceries, and anything else you can tote when do not have enough room on your stroller. The greatest thing I found was when I wanted to go into a store or walk around anywhere I either latched it to a stroller or the shopping cart and the toddler I take care of used it as a handle to hang onto. This was great for her because she had the freedom to walk, but gave me the security of keeping her close by.

I have to say I absolutely LOVE this blanket and so does my little boy. They are so cool and light. Awesome for swaddling too. The infant I take care of had one. Her mom found one at a local boutique. All of the kids in the house wanted to sleep with it, including my little man. These blankets are so soft and durable. Kind of like that t-shirt you just wanna lounge in when you get home in the afternoons. I had to scope out where to find one. I have purchased many for baby gifts and friends have loved them. I was able to purchase one on amazon in the past. So may be able to check there. The link listed above the picture I believe is the main site. 

Whats the scoop on cloth diapering?

Yep. I've been using these diapers for a month on my now 17-month-old son. Here's what I found: 
  • It isn't any harder to put on my son than a disposable. I needed convenience and something that was safe without chemicals and easy to do. 
  • They are economical compared to disposable. And they are better for the environment and your baby.
  • I chose the "one size" diapers over the "perfect size" version, they last so much longer, because they grow with your child.
  • They are a breeze to launder!
  •  Love the colors! It shows off a cute lil tushy!
  • The company stands behind its product with limited warranties. (And their customer service is great.)
  • Poop doesn't stick to the fleece inner layer. (Sweet!)  I've never had to touch the stuff. 

So, hype or hot? 

What's the dark side of FuzziBunz

  • Price Tag. At $17.95-18.95 per diaper it can appear pricey. But you pay for convenience and cuteness. We saved a ton buying a few new and then checking out can score deals on new ones too. Search the net, your best bet.

Anatomy of FuzziBunz: Price, Colors, Materials

Price: I paid $17.95 per diaper in stores. 

Colors: There are lots of yummy colors available. Choose from neutral pastels like white, aqua, and butter or bold colors like apple green, teal, orange, and red. 

Materials: Polyester fleece, Polyurithane Laminate (PUL), and microterry.

JJ COLE Diaper Bag

This is my go to bag for EVERYTHING we tote for little man! 

Neutrogena Suncare

 Sometimes, you find something great unexpectedly. So easy to put on your kiddos. This can be found at most local retail stores.  We frequently use the Neutrogena sunblock stick on our little man's face. It's not sticky and it doesn't smell. It glides smoothly and is absorbed easily. The Wet to Skin Kids is also awesome. Only con is it smells when spraying. I have not put this on my child's face. I just spray evenly and he's ready to go. And yes, I've used this at the pool when we were wet and did not towel dry, literally sprayed on while sitting on pool steps. Neither I nor my son had a burn after an afternoon in the water. 

Bug Spray

This wonderful little bottle is DEET FREE and great for kiddos. We use this often especially in the summer time to keep little man free of getting bitten by bugs! He's an outdoor baby, so I like that this product is safe and natural. 

There you have my to go to mama list. I'm sure I can list more later, so check back, in the mean time happy shopping and getting your mama gear together ;o)

***Please note I was not paid or perk’d for this post. I am just a Mama in love with these items. ***