Thursday, August 18

Day 4: Getting Stronger

I realized today my body is slowly getting stronger. It's amazing how much better I feel in just a few days of full force exercise. I could run a lot further and yes, still pushing my kiddo in his double stroller. Here's a few pics I shot on our jog today...

Fan and all...

Nice Sunny, Hot Day!

Here's what's for lunch today (using my son's disposable plates):

1 healthy whole wheat pita bread
Slice of Sara-Lee low sodium chicken
1/3 avocado
a few purple onions
1 slice of swiss cheese

Here's some fitness motivation:

Picture credit HERE

McWane Fun

With it being the close of summer Niecie, one of my dearest friends and I decided to take all the kiddos to the McWane Science Center in Birmingham. It is a wonderful place for friends and family if visiting Birmingham. Very kid friendly and hands on learning! We had a blast playing all over the place and chasing the kiddos EVERYWHERE! Whoo what a day!  

Yes, we ended up changing half way through our time here. Boys will be little boys :o)

Woah is that an 80's flashback!

Leeland LOVES fish!

Having some fun with Aunt Niece at the "Touch Tank."

Wednesday, August 17

Day 3: Keep Trucking

Little man finally let me snooze till 6am this morning. I was actually feeling pretty good this morning. I have to say making the walk back was pretty tough. I don't see how any parent can push  two kids up in down hills in a double stroller. I currently am only pushing one, making that last home stretch a killer. I'm definitely feeling stronger and motivated. Here's some motivation and recipes I'm trying. Do you have any weight loss goals set? If so, comment me. Keep pushing to the goal! 


Credit Here

Check out these delish meals slow cooker meals HERE

Ooh Yummy! Check it out HERE


Tuesday, August 16

Day 2 Sweat, Sweat, Sweat

Here's an excellent food control list from Web MD:

 I finally got a good nights rest last night so I was eager to grab the stroller, little man, my thirst quencher,  and hit the pavement. I have to say doing those 3 miles was a killer this morning. Hot, Hot, Hot. I'm dreading day three, because the third day always seems the worst. You know when you feel that burn in your tush and a little ache in you legs? Yeah that's gonna be me tomorrow. Going to be doing a lot of stretching. Here's to healthier me...Any of you ever feel like this when starting a new work out routine? 

Here's some more motivation:


Monday, August 15

Day 1: Weight Loss Challenge

FINALLY, I have time to exercise! Here's some motivation from pinterest. Here's to losing the pounds!

Little man and I trucked our way around the neighborhood about two miles or so. Remarkably it was only sixty six degrees out, I'd say that's a record in the last few weeks. The air seemed so cool this morning, lately I've felt nothing but heat. There was a cool breeze, almost if god was saying it's ok, soak it in. Well my tush and legs got a good workout. Pushing a fifteen pound double stroller with a twenty three pound little person can wake up anyone's muscles in the morning. It felt so good to sweat again. To releave all anxiety and stress and just praise God for a beautiful cool day. One step closer to getting the pounds down. 

Tired out little dude after our walk

Key Necessities for a toddler: Water and stick! Keeps everyone happy :o)

Sunday, August 14

New Beginnings

I was a Nanny. Am I still, no. Will I ever be one again, I don't know. I have been a Nanny to many kids, literally many. I have had to leave many behind for myself like school, moving ect.. or family issues that naturally growing up. I have to say I believe this was the icing on my cake. The definition of a Nanny: a child's caregiver. I actually tried to look up a definition and there are so many terms for a Nanny. This is my definition... 

Someone who helps out in the home. A lover of children. A cleaner upper of barf, spit up, and every other fluid from little people all messes. A person whom creates stability in a chaotic household. Nose booger cleaner. Hugger. Tear wiper. Friend and sometimes disciplinarian. Teacher. Like a mom. Never forgotten.   

I lost three kids Friday. literally. It was a wham bam thank you mam deal. I am heart broken. Nothing of my fault, I just believe Nannies are sometimes attached to a price tag. The get what you pay for kinda deal. But sometimes, in my case you work too hard, and too long, that you become too expensive. So therefore, I was given no notice and some cash to keep me happy and leave easily. 

I have worked on average 52 hours a week for nearly four years. To my calculations that's nearly 10,816 hours. WOW! I could go on and on my actual duties and things I accomplished, but that is now in the past. I will not miss those five am mornings and arriving home between seven and eight pm every night, did I mention with my own infant? But I will miss the kids. I was so distraught and blindsided I could not even hug them good-bye. My little man officially lost his siblings. Infants I had taken care of from just a few weeks old. I was a fill in mom. I will miss them.

I've been praying for God to give me a way to not have such a stressful life. For time to slow down. Time to just let me breathe. Time to just feel better. 

God answered my prayer. What he expects of me now I'm not sure of yet. But, I know he's steering me down the right path. He has given me time with Leeland. How lucky am I? Time to watch my little man grow and enjoy every waking moment with. I will put the past behind me, remember the good and cherish the times. It's going to be a new beginning and I'm ready to see what God has in store for me. 

Monday, August 8

A Day at Dauphin Island

Little man and I took a mini vacation to my sister's home. We decided to spend our hot Saturday at Dauphin Island. Dauphin Island is a beautiful barrier Island on the Gulf of Mexico, just about thirty miles south of Mobile, AL. We were surrounded by beautiful white, sandy beaches. The day was beautiful and the heat was scorching hot. We were all ready to barrel out of the car and jump in the water. When we made our way down to the water it was clear and warm. A perfect day for the beach, I was just wishing the water was a little cooler. 

Leeland had a blast running around the pier, playing in the sand, and splashing in the gulf. Did I mention his two crazy Uncles had more fun playing with the beach toys then he did?! They were a riot creating a sand castle and mote. I think Garret had the most fun being buried in the sand waist deep, that is until..dun. dun. dun. I convinced Erin it was best she dump water all over him, oh and she added a little bit of ice. Haha. Sorry Uncle "G" it was too funny to pass up. Your sisters love you! Leeland loved the beach, literally everything about it! These pictures were too adorable not to post. Want to check out our awesome photographer? She's a good friend of the family. Look her up here

He was one happy little fella, even in the heat of the day with not much of a nap. 

Run, Run, Run Lee Lee

aaaah the birds

All and all we had a blast! Thank you God for your beautiful creations.