Monday, October 17

Day 1: Family Vacation in Tennessee

Whoo Hoo! October! This month meant only one thing in the Thomas household: VACATION!  A long a waited break, long overdue.  The hubs had been laid off for almost fifteen months, so there was no way to plan for a family vacation last year. We are so blessed he was hired for a wonderful job better than the last. Luckily, he still was able to snag at least a weekend and a few days for our vacation, so we were stoked!   When his dad mom & dad generously offered to book the place and take care of planning the getaway, we did the big ole happy dance.  Now that we are back from the vacay, I couldn’t wait to download the photos and get this post up and share our wonderful little adventures.  

Note: There are a ton of photos. Please be advised lots of cuteness of one little man!

We decided to begin the trip in Gatlinburg at the Ripley's Aquarium. What toddler doesn't love observing fish? This was a good way to let him run free for a bit, thank goodness we had four adults in the group to help chase him!

 Well hello there Mr. Sea Turtle

ooh the Touch Tank

Pretty Jelly fish! But, I wouldn't want to touch those! Bad squishy!

Last Stop before leaving was visiting the penguins!

Showing some Paw Paw Love!

Our little man is getting so big!!! We left the aquarium and headed out to do some shopping! Don't you just love the mini Jaws clinched in Leeland's hand? He ran around trying to make his shark bite everyone :o)

Don't forget to check out Day 2!

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